Report results

Note: Recently there were some cases in which the email with the results to us was blocked by the security settings of the servers of the participants. Therefore, we have also set up an additional email reply, which will be sent to you by our server after receiving the result email. You must therefore receive a second confirmation of receipt in addition to the first email with the summary of the results. If you do not receive this, please report the results again or contact us.

BTMF - Drugs in Serum
UF - Drugs in Urine
SFD - Driver Fitness Determination
DHF - Drugs in Hair
DMS - Drug Screening in Hair
QSA - Qualitative Screening Analyse
GHB - GHB in Serum and Urine
DOAB - Drug Screening in Blood
IDS - Immunological Drug Screening in Urine
BZF - Benzodiazepines in Serum
STM - Replacement Drugs
TCA - Tricyclic Antidepressants
TAB - Brain Death Determination
TDMA - Neuroleptics 1
TDMB - Anticonvulsants
TDMC - Neuroleptics 2
TDMD - Antidepressants
ETOH - Ethanol in Serum
ETB -Ethanol in Blood
AMF - Alcoholism Markers in Serum
BGS - Congener Alcohols in Serum
ETG - Ethylglucuronide in Serum and Urine
EGH - Ethylglucuronide in Hair
SAL - Drugs in Saliva
NIC - Nicotine and Metabolites in Serum and Urine
MEP - Metanephrine in Plasma
ATU - Amanitin in Urine