Last Update: 19.05.2024


ARVECON GmbH has been organising proficiency tests on behalf of and in cooperation with the GTFCh since 2002. The aim is to offer the participating laboratories the possibility of external quality control and thus also to improve the quality of the analyses. Currently Arvecon offers 27 different tests in the fields of Forensic Toxicology, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring, Blood Alcohol and Clinical Toxicology. Serum, blood, urine, hair and saliva are offered as matrices. Currently, participants from 34 countries are attending. The scientific actuality of the proficiency tests is guaranteed by the proficiency test coordinators, which are appointed by the GTFCh.

Our EQASs can be carried out completely via this homepage. The ordering of the EQASs, the transmission of the results and the sending of the results and certificates can be done paperless via the homepage and via e-mail.